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2023-04-05 02:24 PM

How to Make Money online as an Affiliate Marketer with a Smartphone

How to Make Money online as an Affiliate Marketer with a Smartphone

Nowadays, making money online has become relatively easy, especially with the big bang in Affiliate Marketing and technological advancements. From the comfort of your home and with digital devices like your smartphone, you can make money online without needing a laptop.

Hitherto, most internet users believed that a laptop/PC is compulsory for a successful income stream. However, smartphones have become significant for supplemental or passive income. Smartphones are as relevant as laptops because they do anything the latter does.

However, the focus of this article highlights the relevancy of smartphones to newbies or experienced affiliate marketers. Although the process is tedious, you can succeed with affiliate marketing using your smartphone.

Caveat: This article doesn’t promise anything, nor does it override the importance of a PC or Laptop for better functionality and work process as an affiliate marketer. However, it highlights the importance of a smartphone and how you can maximize it without a PC.


Nowadays, anyone can make money from the comfort of their homes with less stress and, more importantly, with a digital device.

During the invention of the Internet in the late 1980s, the internet was bland. Nobody imagined the possibility of the internet becoming a globally sort-after thing. It was a complete waste of effort, or so they thought. However, it seems they thought differently with the dot-com bubble in the 1990s & 2000.

But 30 years later, the internet is one of the many things that humankind ever did well.

According to DataReportal, there are 5.03 billion internet users worldwide (63.1% of the world’s population) and Africa, Eastern and Southern Asia make up 3 billion. These figures suggest that the internet holds a lot of possibilities because people live their lives on the internet. And where people are gathered, there is money because problem lurks among people.




Many people believe the digital nomad lifestyle is only possible with a laptop, and without one, you can’t do anything to make money online. This statement is a lie.

Indeed, a laptop is an essential tool for making money online and holds more significant benefits than a smartphone. However, your smartphone can do almost anything your laptop or PC does.

Are you a programmer? There are several mobile Integrated Development Environment (IDE) available today, such as TrebEdit for web development, and Pydroid for Data analysts & Data scientists, etc.

These IDEs come with a range of libraries also standard in laptops.

You don’t need a laptop before you can maximize your time digitally or lead a digital nomad lifestyle.

The following are 7 ways to make money with your smartphone, namely:


#1. Get started in Affiliate Marketing:

According to Neil Patel, Affiliate marketing involves the promoting of other people’s products in return for a small commission for each sale.
It is a means of selling products you do not create. This income model provides you with passive income on a commission basis. In other words, you only get paid when you make a sale.
This model of money-making will is detailed in the next section. However, you can sign up on platforms like Digitstem, Expertnaire, or Learnoflix to get started.


#2. Sell your old stuff:

Selling online has taken a whirlwind approach lately; you can find almost anything online, from your designer wears to the okirika (aka old/used) clothes.
You don’t have to sell only clothes or dresses that don’t fit anymore; even your old gadgets (i.e. phones, laptops, TV, refrigerators, etc.) are welcome.

All you need to do is register on platforms like, OLX, Olist, etc., to get started. You don’t need a laptop to get started, just a smartphone, an internet connection, and the ability to take quality photos.


#3. Start an online store:

You read earlier that you can sell your old stuff virtually. It shouldn’t be news that you can sell unused goods online too.

It is easy to start, and only a smartphone is needed to accomplish this feat. You can sell clothing accessories, books, household items, etc.

All you need to do is sign up on platforms like Jumia, Konga, Pocketapp by PiggyVest, etc. You can do this with a smartphone, not a laptop.

As always, you need a smartphone, internet connection, and an up-to-date inventory. Also, if you run a physical store, you can have an online side to it with your smartphone.


#4. Signup for a Rideshare:

Do you have a driver’s license? Then you’re sleeping on a truckload of money unknown to you. You must sign up for rideshares like Bolt or Uber via their mobile applications and get started.
Additionally, you can begin a logistics business and help retail companies deliver goods to their customers. This income model can become a side hustle or a full-time gig.


#5. Start a YouTube Channel:

YouTube is a big thing nowadays because you can get answers for literally anything on the platform, and you can make money from it as well. The biggest earner on YouTube today is Ryan Kaji, who makes $29 million yearly on the platform.
Also, you don’t need expensive props to start a YouTube channel; your smartphone is a great first pacer. Your smartphone has a camera (front & back); all you need is an ideal setting to shoot the videos.

You can do this easily without breaking a neck. Also, there are several ways to earn via YT, such as partnerships with brands, Google AdSense, selling personal products, etc.

#6. Real Estate Investment Applications

Investing in real estate is a big deal nowadays, as most of your favorite celebrities own large investment portfolios.
Getting into real estate is a snag because the cost is often unbearable for some. However, several investment platforms like Risevest, and, & Oxfordvest, allow you the opportunity to invest in real estate. You can do this for as little as $10.
And your smartphone is the only needed criterion.


#7. Become a Lingual tutor

An African proverb says a teacher’s reward is in heaven. If you love teaching, your reward can be here on Earth.
You can become a language teacher and teach people (tourists or locals) your favorite languages easily. You can sign up on platforms like Superprof with your smartphone to start.

In a nutshell, you can attest to the power of your smartphone. There are over a thousand ways to maximize your smartphone and make money passively with it.
Now let’s go back to the 1st example – making money with affiliate marketing. Is it even possible, you might wonder?


How to get started in Affiliate Marketing with your smartphone


Affiliate Marketing is the act of selling a vendor’s products to potential customers. Affiliate Marketing requires consistent individual efforts but is a sure way to make money quickly. Here’s a guide to starting Affiliate Marketing on the Digitstem blog.

As an affiliate marketer, you need to have a blog, website, access to products, traffic/leads, etc. The thought of this might have you succumb to the idea that a laptop is essential to achieving such goals.


What if we told you that you don’t need a laptop for any of those? All you need is a smartphone, internet connection and an affiliate marketplace like Digitstem.

Below is a quick guide to getting started in Affiliate Marketing.

#1. Signup on an affiliate marketplace

The best way to get started in Affiliate Marketing is by having access to various products. Amazon & Clickbank are famous names, but you’d experience difficulties navigating them in Nigeria.

Instead, you can signup on Digitstem and bring the dollar earnings to your doorstep. By signing up on Digitstem as an affiliate – for a yearly bundle of NGN5000 – you can access a variety of vendors & products on the platform.

To get started, register as an affiliate on

#2. Traffic is not a smartphone problem

You don’t need a laptop to find traffic. You can get traffic for your promotions anywhere on the internet, accessible by mobile.

The following traffic sources are accessible by smartphones:

  • Online forums like Quora,

  • Social Media applications like Instagram,
  • Email Marketing with mobile applications of Email Software Providers (ESPs) like MailChimp,
  • and more.

#3. Blogs & Websites are quickly built with smartphones:

As an affiliate marketer using their smartphone, you can start a blog to promote your products.
Getting started with a blog or mini-website is easy since WordPress or Blogger by Google have mobile versions which you can use to share content and promote your affiliate products.

Additionally, writing platforms like Medium provides you with an array of interested readers who can read your content and see your advertised products.


#4. Running ads is accessible on mobile

Every affiliate marketer hopes to run an ad someday, and who says you can’t do this with a smartphone?
It’s entirely possible. You can run ads on platforms like Instagram and monitor these ads via the Meta Ads Manager mobile application easily.



Your smartphones are significant assets as an affiliate marketer. You don’t need a laptop to start, even though it won’t be easy.

All you need is a committed mind, a smartphone, a Digitstem subscription, and an adherent ear to the suggestions in this article to get started.

Get started as an affiliate marketer on Digitstem today!


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