Getting started with Affiliate Marketing (Introduction to Digitstem)

Thank you for partnering with us as we work towards helping you grow your finance. This article will cover all you need to get started with this platform. It is also going to answer the questions you have always wanted to ask. So therefore, kindly stick to this post till the end.

I advise you do not skip any section as every section is very important.



  • We have the eLearning section (this is where you take our hosted courses).
  • We also have the affiliate Platform. This is where you promote our products, and you can register here.
  • Try to be consistent in the use of your login details to avoid mix up and running into login related issues.
  • After making payment for the Ultimate Money Machine course, you will have to join out telegram group to get further instruction on the next step of action.
  • Your complaints will properly be attended to on the telegram channel.
  • Do ensure to CHECK the I am not a Robot recaptcha before proceeding to login, lest you run into login error.



How Do I register as an affiliate?

  • To register as an affiliate, you will have to click on this link REGISTER.


  • Input your details (First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone Number, Username, Password, and repeat password)
  • Ensure you tick the I am not a Robot and as well, ACCEPT TERMS AND CONDITION before clicking on the Submit Button.
  • After registration, proceed to login to your account.



How do I promote Products on the Platform?

After signing up as an affiliate, login to your account. This is what you will see on your dashboard.



To start promoting products, go to CAMPAIGNS, and scroll down to see the available products on the platform.


  • Click on the copy icon to copy the product of your choice. Remember to note the commission of the product you want to sell. Please don’t expect 50% commission when you sold a product of 30% commission. We don’t perform miracles here..



How do I market the products?

We have provided the Ultimate Money Machine course on our eLearning platform which cost about $19.61 (N10,000). It is recommended that you buy this course. In that course you will learn:

  • The basics of Business
  • Marketing, Copywriting, Closing
  • Funnel Building, and a whole lot.


After making payment for the UMM course, what next?

You will get a mail with links to our telegram channel. From there, directives will be given as to how to get starting learning.

  • One of the first thing when you join the telegram channel it for your account to be upgraded.
  • Then you have to message an Admin (name will be given) to enrol you in the course.
  • Thereafter, you will be added to the UMM course group.

This group is basically where you will be communicating with other affiliates.


Having Issues?

When there are issues, please send in your questions to the UMM group. An admin will get in tough with you to treat your case.


HOW TO TAKE THE COURSE ANYTIME (Lessons are locked related issues)

Whenever you want to take the course, simply login to the learning website.
You must login to unlock your lessons

To login, visit

Your lessons are locked for these reasons:

  • You have not been enrolled
  • You have not logged in
  • You have logged in but not enrolled



You have either forgotten your password or have not signed up. Click the forgot
password, choose a new password, and login to your account. ENSURE YOU WRITE DOWN YOU LOGIN DETAILS.



We do organize live sessions on Sundays (8pm). As an affiliate on the platform, you are to make yourself available to get nuggets from our marketing team. It is usually a wonderful time with King Leo and Uche.


The eLearning module is where every of our students will be taking the course (the UMM) course. The system is structured in such a way as to enable each of the students to track their course progress.

What are the features?

A USER DASHBOARD (this is unique to every student)

Question and Answer section (Q&A)
A profile page
Video lessons
And lots more

Every user enrolled in our course can access the course at any time. All you need to do is just to login and you are taken to your dashboard where you continue to learn. The below are some of the screenshots to guide you on the platform.




  1. Hello, I registered as an affiliate and I promoted the Ultimate Money Machine course and someone bought through my link since Thursday but I didn’t get any sales notification via my email neither was there any changes in my dashboard; Since Thursday. I’ve complained on twitter, I’ve written mail and yet no changes…

    Something has to be done about this…

  2. Please I have registered and make payments for the course since last week,I am yet to receive my course to study,or it is when I join telegram I will be able to get it

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