Introduction to Digitstem

Welcome to Digitstem! In this article, we will guide you around the platform and also provide answers to the various questions you may have as you navigate our platform.
The first thing you need to know is that Digitstem has two (2) major sections. 
1. The Affiliate Section
2. The Student or The E-Learning Section

Note: Only the Affiliate Section would be discussed in this guide as The Student Section is Strictly for those who have gotten The Ultimate Money Machine Course from our us or our existing affiliates.

Getting Started

To get started as an Affiliate on Digitstem, you need to SignUp as an affiliate.

Account Creation

To create account as an affiliate, click here to Sign-Up.

Fill up the form with correct details. Make sure that reCAPTCHA box circled in the diagram below and the terms & condition boxes are ticked before you submit.

After successful creation of account, an email will be sent to indicating that your account has successfully been created.

Account Login

After account creation, you'd be automatically be redirected to your affiliate dashboard.
If for any reason you don't get redirected, click here and input the correct details to login to your dashboard. 
Ensure the reCAPTCHA option is ticked.

This is an image showing the login window.

How to Activate your Affiliate Account

After successful login, you'd be able to see your affiliate dashboard.
At this stage, your affiliate account is inactive and you will have to activate it to proceed.

Image Showing Affiliate Dashboard before Activation

At this point you need to proceed to make a non-refundable payment of $10 to get your account automatically activated.

If after payment, your account was not automatically activated, kindly send us an email at  

NOTE: If you got The Ultimate Money Machine Course from us or any of our affiliates, you DO NOT make an additional payment here as you are entitled to a free affiliate one year affiliate account and payments made via this section are non-refundable. All you need do is to kindly send us an email with they payment receipt of  The UMM  for activation of your free affiliate account.


Image Showing an Activate Digitstem Affiliate Account

How to Promote Products on Digitstem

The first thing you want to do on your new dashboard is to begin to start promoting other people's products as an affiliate.
The first place to go is Marketplace on the menu section. This will show you the list of all the products on Digitstem's marketplace available for promotion.

Find a product you'd want to promote as an affiliate and then copy the link of the products and use it for your promotion.


Image of how to copy product link

How to Place Withdrawal on Digitstem

To be able to place withdrawal on digitstem, you must have a minimum balance of $10 in your wallet. 

On the menu option, click on wallet; then click on Withdraw all if you choose to withdraw everything.
If you wish to withdrawal a particular commission, you can mark the commission you wish to withdraw and click on Withdraw all Selected.

The next step is to input your correct bank details and proceed to place your withdrawal. 

Ensure your account details are thoroughly crosschecked and your bank account name matches your affiliate account name, otherwise payment would not be processed.

Withdrawals are made on Fridays while payments are done on Saturdays.

Our Saturday BOOM email alert would be sent to you after successful payment.

If for any reason you did not get your alert with 24-48 hours and you are certain you did everything right, kindly send us a comprehensive email via or follow and send us a message via our twitter handle @digitstem