Thank you for visiting this page. I know came here to know how Digitstem works. Few seconds from here, you will be seeing the step-by-step simple guide to getting started with Digitstem Affiliate Marketing platform.

Please consciously and carefully take your time to read through this page.


Digitstem is an affiliate marketing platform that allows you earn about 50-70% commission for marketing products in their marketplace.

Digitstem has a course known as the Ultimate Money Machine course (UMM) that teaches the basic and in-demand digital skills in the 21st century.


You can either register directly from our website as an affiliate HERE, but you are entitled to 25% commission when you sell our UMM course.


You can as well register on our platform by getting the UMM course. You will be entitled to 50% commission when you sell this course.


This UMM course is hosted on an eLearning platform where every student can access their account and track their course progress.


Step 1:

Sign up directly by paying $10 or Buy UMM course.

After payment, your affiliate account will be activated and you will be enrolled in the course.

You will receive an email of successful course enrollment too.

Take your courses, and when you are done, you can get to promote products.


Step 2:

Upon successful sales made, you will receive an email containing the commission made.


Step 3:

Withdrawals are placed on Fridays while payment is made on Saturdays. Minimum withdrawal is $10.

You will put in your account details when you are about to place withdrawal.



In Summary, there are two platforms. One is eLearning, and the other Affiliate Platform.

You are required to sign up on the eLearning platform upon successful payment for this UMM course. A link will be sent to you to sign up. You can sign up on the affiliate platform HERE.