How to use Digitstem Link Shortener

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This article will guide you on how to Use Digitstem Link Shortener to shorten your product links.

We recommend you to use our affiliate link shortener when trying to shorten you product links.


How to Shorten Product link on Digitstem.

1, Login to your Affiliate account here

2. Go to the products section (click on Menu, -> Campaign).

3. Click on the settings Icon


4. Fill in the Slug field with any custom text of your choice


5. Please do not give two products the same name. Use different names for any product you want to advertise.



Lets say I want to advertise the course ‘Ultimate Money Machine” course. I give it a name, ‘ifiok’. Then Graphics course, I give it ‘akpan’.


When you are done, click on Create.


A new link will be generated, just use this link for advertisement.


Good luck.




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