What Do you understand about Affiliate Marketing?

Wait.. Why is everyone talking about affiliate marketing today? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Since the past one year, majority of Nigerians have signed up as affiliate marketers for some reasons best known to them. Some say it is the best way to earn passive income online, others say it does not involve stress, and a whole lot of thoughts.

Now, this thread is open. I want you to comment below, giving the best definition of what you understand about Affiliate marketing.


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  1. Affiliate marketing is a business model where an individual promotes valuable products (digital or physical) created by someone else other than himself to another individual (prospect/client) which in turn solves that prospects/client’s particular problem or meet his/her need.

  2. Afflilate marketing in a very simple terms involve recommending digital product to people who need them and getting commissions for ur job
    The stress here is “people who need them” so not everyone is a prospect,Afflilate marketing is very flexible
    Wise I knew about it years back but hey it is not to late to start ,if you are seeing this,start with DIGISTEM.
    So start now!!🥰

    • Affiliate marketing is a simple and understandable platform which involves recommended Digital, to promote a product through the link that has been given to us and also how to sell a product

  3. Affiliate marketing is a very simple that involves recommended Digital, to promote a product through the link that has been given to you. It’s also teach how to create websites on our own And how to sell a product in website by doing all this you will be get you own commission in dollars they paid every week.

  4. By now you already know what affiliate marketing is
    What’s stoping you ?
    Get started already why it’s still affordable ❤️🥰

  5. Affiliate Marketing is the act of help People get thier wants and needs with no stress and while the promoter of the product or offer is been paid on commission

  6. Affiliate marketing is a very simple market that anyone can access no matter how busy you are is a business you can access without stress and also internet makes you an internet guru

  7. Affiliate Marketing is the act of selling one’s products inorder to get commissions. As an affiliate, you link up digital creators to buyers who are in need of this products. However, I see affiliate marketing as giving value to people who needs to solve their problems. It’s a lifestyle for me not necessarily a business.

  8. Affiliate marketing is a business model where by an individual sells other people’s product and they are been paid by doing so.. through commission

  9. Affiliate marketing is the recimmendation and sale of other people’s product online to get a commision . From what i know about affiliate marketing it is better to sell products one can resonate with rather than jumping from product to product, according to John Crestani. It is also simple and will enable one learn the required skills needed to grow a business or even do other online programmes. Affiliate marketing is a very good deal, since it’s clean money and no dosen’t need to swindle people but rather help them.

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